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I was hired for one of the Event Decor Stylist positions that this company had advertised online in July(2008). I took this position because I believed that it would be a huge stepping stone for my career. The first day of “training” I was left in the office to make “cold calls” for a majority of the day while the owner went to finish running her personal errands. The second day of “training” I was instructed on how to get all of the contracts signed with deposits, no matter what (the owner”s “husband” taught that day). A few days later, after no real training (those first two day were a joke), I was expected to hold consultations, and I was told that the owner would not be there because she “didn”t care for the type of lifestyle that the scheduled clients lived”. The owner”s “husband” made it a point to tell me that my consultation (the 1st one I had ever done) was a compete failure until he “happened” to step in, because (his exact words). . . ” women would rather talk business & money with a man. . . ” Every day after that was more unbearable than the day before, no matter how well I followed his direct instructions, he managed to find a way to tell me that I was not capable of doing my job, then he told me to change my time-sheet because I was working too many hours and he didn”t want to pay for all those hours, I didn”t. At that point he told me that he would be cutting not only my hours, but my pay as well (my new pay rate was to be $8/hr, how insulting, I have two (2) COLLEGE degrees). This was the point where I decided to cut my losses and leave this hostile environment, to cover himself he sent me some bogus email about me just not being competent enough for this job. My last day was August 13, 2008 and have not to this day (November 13, 2008) been paid for the hours that I put in at that job.


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