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21 September 2019

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TILA Mortgage isn’t the loan lender for you. Don’t contact them for assistance in loans. I didn’t qualify for the loan but was given no reason for this disapproval of loan.
The loan process wasn’t smooth and efficient.
I expected better from this company but got loads of paperwork and a lengthy process of loan agreements.
TILA Mortgage isn’t the warm and welcoming company for loan lending to clients. I didn’t get the best services or intelligent people to assist me in the loan process.
Nothing in my experience of the loan process has given me a good impression of the employees. The process to qualify for a loan is long and complicated. I spent days waiting to hear anything from these guys and received no emails from the company regarding the disapproval of the loan.
There are no excellent customer’s skills at TILA Mortgage.
It’s disappointing and unpleasant to leave without a positive word.
I wasn’t happy with the negative results received from the company and they’re liable for the upfront fees. It is no place for clients to spend their money.
No recommendation for TILA Mortgage for lack of communication skills, no training skills in loan agreements, no pleasantness and dishonest loan disapproval.
I don’t trust TILA Mortgage for the rude and disrespectful behavior toward me.
My experience with the company didn’t make me feel good during the process. There are no genuine people I worked with and the options I had weren’t enough,
I have a financial situation and contacted TILA Mortgage but with no positive result from the company.
I spoke to the employee for the first time and everything sounded genuine. As the process moves on, I realized no Genuity at TILA Mortgage.
It is of no good to a client and a loan lender to work against each other. In this case, they worked against me.
A painful time to have experienced with the loan lender. I won’t go back there to experience bad communication, rude behavior, and no qualified employees. The facilities aren’t super clean and no information in detail of the company displayed at the office. No interest shown to clients and co-workers aren’t informative the loan agreements.
My experience with TILA Mortgage made me realize just how many bad guys there are in the world These people didn’t care about the time I wasted or the money I spent. No, all they cared about was their pockets. They didn’t care enough to tell me why my loan was disapproved. I don’t recommend an unprofessional company to any persons interested in refinancing their homes. Loan lenders aren’t professionals in this company.

It wasn’t a pleasure to work with their terribly unskilled employees.
They had no idea of the company details and of the terms and conditions of the company policies. I went through a lengthy process for loan applications but with no good results.
The understaffed and underpaid staff calls for bad customer’s services and this is my experience from TILA Mortgage. A lack of everything positive for me doesn’t need a recommendation.

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