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Tikool Reviews Pty Ltd - Paul Vickery

Tikool Reviews Pty Ltd – Paul Vickery Robert Paul Davies AKA: Robert Davies, Paul Davies, Dr Paul, Robert Paul Vickey, Paul Vickery – The slippery rat Robert Davies (Paul Vickery) is back working the over and has his grubby paws over a new venture Tikool Pty Ltd BE WARNED! Queensland Gold Coast Queensland!!. This filthy rat has crawled out of the Gold Coast sewer and is trying to sink his teeth into as many victims as possible and sadly this pox ridden animal has seen some success.Do I sound angry? Well I should be because Robert Paul Davies, AKA Robert Davies, Paul Davies, Dr Paul, Robert Paul Vickey, and now Paul Vickery got me through Natural Food Vending and so I teamed up with my private detective mate and a journalist I know to follow the ratu2019s trail. It looks like A Current Affair is coming knocking…. Hereu2019s the official ACCC media release relating to the vending machine scam: https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/robert-paul-davies-found-guilty-of-aiding-and-abetting-the-failure-to-comply-with-a-compulsory-notice Take note of his picture, because you will find it hard to follow this dirty liars name because he changes it that often: thatu2019s what con artists do, they change their names more often than they change their stories because it muddies the waters.Well bad luck Davies, Iu2019ve outsmarted you and everything is very clear. This post is the first chapter in the exposure of his boiler room scam https://tikool.me/ because the media is coming.I just want people to know through this post, so the reporter can get in touch and add you to the list of interviewees.We have established a trail of destruction that goes far beyond the experience my wife and I had with the vending machines.We confronted him about getting our money back and he threatened us. We are in our 50s, so it wasnu2019t worth the trouble, but we did lodge a complaint with police.The police by the way have dished out their own form of justice to this pig of a man. I am not a fan of vigilantes and cops going off one and beating people but this is part of the story that appeared in the Courier Mail June 15, 2016-:AN OUTBACK police officer facing charges for pointing his gun at a motorist allegedly dislocated the jaw of a drink-driver 10 years ago and lifted him by the throat u201cso that his feet were not touching the groundu201d.Queensland police refuse to reveal if Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan, 45, was disciplined over the incident, which occurred weeks after yet another man allegedly made an assault complaint about him.The allegations came in a statement lodged in the Brisbane Supreme Court in 2008 by Robert Paul Davies for almost $300,000 damages, which was eventually settled out of court.According to the claim, Mr Davies was taken to the Surfers Paradise Police Station after a positive blood alcohol test while parked illegally to buy cigarettes in May, 2006. “lets face it Paul Davies deserved a flogging” So, while the gold toothed rat was chasing a policeman for compensation, the ACCC was chasing Davies over the food vending scam and I was chasing him for answers and our money back.So Davies lets the dust settle, spends some of the money enjoying the good life that he got out of the Queensland Police Force for being given him a rightful touch up and now he’s come out of the sewer to have another go at innocent Gold Coast residents.I wonu2019t give all our details away just yet because we have plenty, but the Tikool Reviews scam is being run out of a virtual office (Level 54/111 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000) we attended this office only to find no one from Tikool Reviews, which took us to his Principle Place of Business (ASIC Current & Historical Company Extract) with the call centre much closer to the ratu2019s home at (Unit 1 / 189 StanHill Drive, Chevron Island). We have done our research and surveillance on the house for weeks, It’s his home, the driveway looks like a parking lot with scooters included, “ask to meet the saleman at the office” Do not give this company or any individual associated with Paul Vickery or Tikool Reviews a bank cheque, deposit or credit card payment as it will be the last time you ever see the money.Davies (aka Vickery) claims to be in Singapore but trust me the smell of this rat covers the Gold Coast because we have seen him and we are watching closely. If you would like to start the fact check Google: Natural Food Vending Paul Robert Davies

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