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I would recommend you to stay as far away from this place as possible.

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09 September 2019

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Some people do not care about the tire that they use. For them, tires are nothing more than necessary parts which help the car move. According to me, one of the most important parts of a car is the tire. One should never compromise about the quality of the tires used in a car.
After years of hard work and saving up, I managed to buy my very own car. Although it took me some time to buy it, It was worth the wait. I have always been an adventurist and an explorer of places. Since I was a child, I had the desire of exploring places. When I finally had my car, I started going to places. I went on long trips in my car and explored many places. Recently, while returning from a trip, my tires got punctured. One front and one rear tire were punctured by a sharp piece of glass that I mistakenly drove on. Since I had a planned getaway with my friends soon, I decided to take care of the tires as soon as possible. It had been too long and thus I decided to get all the tires of the car changed. Since my local mechanic did not have the tires for my car, I decided to look online for reputed tire selling companies. After a long and thorough search, I finally decided to go for Tieman Tire Co. of Bloomington Inc.
I drove down to their place and had a long chat with the staff members regarding the type of tires that would be suitable for my car. The staff members did not seem to be too friendly and so I stuck to the point and only asked questions regarding the tires. A suitable set of tires was suggested. Although the price was a bit high, I had no choice other than agreeing as I had a trip coming up.
After being told to come and collect my car after ten days, I left my car there hoping that it would be taken care of properly. After the ten days passed, I went to the place and saw that the car was waiting for me, already. I saw some scratches near the door skirts but I decided not to complain. While I was driving on my way back home, the car stopped after I heard a familiar noise.
When I got out to check what happened, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the newly installed tires were all flat. On getting the car checked by a local mechanic nearby, I was told that the new tires had little holes in them which widened because of the frictional force.
I called the place and angrily complained about the incident. I was told that nothing could be done as the tires were fine until it was with them. I wanted to tear off my ears after hearing this. Because of this incident, my trip got cancelled and I had to get new tires installed at from a different place.

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