Three Day Rule, Inc.

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Three Day Rule, Inc.

Three Day Rule, Inc. THREE DAY RULE, INC. IS A BIG SCAM AND scam! LOS ANGELES California!!. THREE DAY RULE, INC. IS A BIG SCAM AND scam! I had emailed Mr. Phil Tschepik, National LGBTQ+ Matchmaker an inquiry about the Services because I was Interested in a Free Trial and Their Employee Purposely and Deliberately IGNORED ALL OF MY MESSAGES except for ONE, I Believe. I ended up getting Very Angry And Upset over his Extremely Poor Manners and Unprofessionalism and then he finally decides to respond back to ME by email only After I Sent Him An Angry Letter Expressing On Just How Pissed Off And Upset I Was! He Did Apologize To ME for Ignoring My Emails, even though he claims that it was an Accident (WHICH I DO NOT BELIEVE AT ALL!). Mr. Phil Tschepik Must Get Tons Of Emails, so it is obvious that He Picks And Chooses Which Ones He Wishes To Respond Back To vs. Which Ones He Will Purposely And Deliberately Ignore such as mine. In Any Case, Mine Were Ignored And I Take Personal Offense To That. In Mr. Phil Tschepik’s Last Message, he asks ME if there is anything else that I need to contact him back and I did by Asking Him For A Free Trial and Once Again, Their Cheap, Selfish, Ignorant Staff Member Ignores My Message Once Again And Fails To Respond! I am so Sick and Tired Of Dealing With Mr. Phil Tschepik! Why The Hell Does The “Three Day Rule, Inc.” company Keep Him For? He is Obviously Not That Interested In Representing The “Three Day Rule, Inc.” company and it Shows! Since The “Three Day Rule, Inc.” company Is Not Going To Offer Me A Free Trial Out Of Their Disgusting And Constant Greed And Selfishness and Keep Ignoring All Of My Emails As Mr. Phil Tschepik Has Already Been Doing, then I Will Be Publishing All Of My Conversations With Mr. Tschepik, Along With Very Negative Reviews On All Of The Social Media Websites To Let The World Know What Kind Of A scam Company the “Three Day Rule, Inc.” Actually Are And How They Ignore Emails. The Negative Reviews Shall Get Published On The Following Websites As Follows: Google Maps Facebook YellowPages SiteJabber ConsumerAffairs scamscams Better Business Bureau Please NOTE: According To The Google Maps, They Only Have Three *** Stars Out Of Five and I Seriously Wonder Why? Can They Afford To Have More Negative Reviews Coming, Including One From ME, An Executive Google Guide, Level 8 With Over 8,000,000 Views Per Month On My Work, Worldwide? I Guess So! In Any Case: Stay Far Away From The “Three Day Rule, Inc.” Before They Take $8,000.00 From You For Their Potential Matchmaking Services For Nothing! Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry, Upset And Pissed Off “Three Day Rule, Inc.” Applicant And Inquirer /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments For Some Of The Conversations That I Recently Had With Mr. Phil Tschepik Back Around Tuesday, June 26, 2018 For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

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