Third by Cee

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Third by Cee

Our fabric dyeing business in NYC provides custom fabric dyeing services for fashion designers. After each order is completed, we review the work with our customer to ensure they are pleased with the outcome. Once they confirm receipt of quality goods they sign a document confirming the work is approved and in their possession. Cindy, the owner of Third by Cee, used our fabric dyeing service three times over the course of one week and signed these documents each time she picked up her fabric. We made sure to be extra thorough with Cindy from Third by Cee due to word in the fashion industry about her unethical business practices. The last time she picked her order in our office she tried to take the package without paying for it, which forced us to call the police. It is all on film thanks to our security cameras. Our entire company watched the video and were dumbfounded by her behavior. After this incident she disputed all payments made to us with her credit card company, therefore, this is a case of theft of services. She used our services, confirmed the work was good, and then disputed the charges. A lawsuit will be filed against her and her company. We have video and several signed documents to support our case. On one occasion she asked us to call her fabric supplier saying their fabric was poor quality, which I disagreed with. The person I spoke with also made some comments about her strange behavior. At this point I had already come to that conclusion. Cindy from Third by Cee certainly seems to rub people the wrong way. We are not the first business she has victimized. Her Facebook page has a nearly identical story from a messenger company she used and never paid. Keep in mind, if you buy something from her website, you may be buying something she didn’t pay for. In my opinion, Cindy from Third by Cee is a shady character with zero morals. I do not want her anywhere near me, except in court. This was my experience dealing with Cindy from Third by Cee.

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