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Things Remembered

I went in on a Saturday afternoon around 1pm, shopping for a baptism gift for my nephew who was getting baptized the very next day. I found a beautiful product I wanted to purchase, and brought it up to the sales clerk, Valerie. She had me fill out the special engravement form with all of my information, and informed me that it will be ready for pick up the next day, Sunday, at 12 pm. She proceeded to note my font preference, suggesting a certain bold font, and a special colored engraving. I did not find out until after I got my receipt that both font and colored engravings were premiums which added additional costs. It would have been appreciated to have been informed of these costs BEFORE the actual purchase. The next day, as I was getting ready to leave to pick up my purchase, I received a call from the store @ 11:22 am, informing me that, although the system says they have 2 products in stock (1 being the display item), she could not find the remaining item. Frustrated that this information was communicated to me so late, I asked that other stores be contacted for item availability, and immediate engraving. Valerie then informed me that a mall 30 minutes away has the item, and would be able to engrave it within half an hour. However, my nephews baptism was in 2 hours, and I wouldn”t have time to pick it up from that location. The sales clerk suggested we take the display item, as it was in “good condition”, but no engraving will be done, because they do not have an engravement plate for that item. And what made it even worse- there was a good sized chip on the top of the item! It was NOT in good condition, and I would not pay full price for it! And what is the use of purchasing a product from an engrave, ent store without a personalized engraving? I was too upset to start a scene, so I took my refund and left. Sad to say, I walked away extremely annoyed and frustrated. And, without a gift for my nephew! I thought it would have been appropriate for the salesclerk to at LEAST contact the other locations for item availability before calling me with the bad news. I don”t know what your store policy is for sales, but contacting a customer nearly 30 minutes before pick-up is not a very good practice. And why did it take until the next day of my order for the store to locate my product in inventory? This could have all been avoided if the confirmation of item availability was made at the time of purchase. I didn”t appreciate the last minute service or the inaccurate inventory system.


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