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TheSMJ Enterprises

TheSMJ Enterprises miss represented what they would actually do, for e-commerce business Renton Washington!!. The transaction started in april. It was supposed be the beginning of a internet marketing with E-Bay, which got started but soon began a long Process of up selling to other parts of the e-commerce, Which i was willing to imbark on but i’ve paid out 19,000 and all of the support has completley stopped. A Website was suppose to go live with dog products, which i’ve never been taught how to do download so i can begin selling and making back the money that i invested. Everyone who i speak too say they aren’t responsiable for that part of the program. It keeps going back to the coach by he is telling me that it should be the person who developing the web site. I’ve tried to contacting Mark Schofner the design manager his mail box is full and theyr’es no one that ill give me another contact number .This company gives a pass word to the client , So when the different company’s within the network call ,it will be from all working together to make money from the client. They’res only a three day window to cancel, which doesn’t give you enough time to realize it’s a scam. Everytime the a specialist calls it’s a lead in to spend more money. Right now im at a stand still. Im willing to do the work but no one wants to take responsible to help. My First contact was with Tyson Mc Millian i was told to write a commitment letter Started the whole process

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