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Thelalabox Richie Hentosh or Richard Henaaaatosh. Looking up his name on google brought a variety of scams over the years people had written about. Richie Hentosh failed to refund money and follow througn on so many things.. brookhaven Pennsylvania!!. I first came in contact with Richie to purchase a lala box. It took a few days, but he finally got the lala box out to me. He and I talked on the phone, and he told me he was a family man who came up with this great idea for streaming things live. It was legal and his business was booming. He had a family and his wife, or his kid has physical challenges,and he was trying to do right… so I thought ….good honest guy. I invested 1,200 in his stock at 1 dollar a share. He assured me it would increase in value because they were doing a commercial on A&E and a store was opening in Florida, etc etc. During this time his email support was sketch. There are NO REAL DIRECTIONS to all the things the lalabox does, and that struck me as odd. You get a 4 page thin booklet with basic set up. No “how to” get to the sports channels in england etc. On the FB page there was a new GAMEBOX coming out in June. My wifes son loves games and he was turning 20, so I “preordered” two of them AT 200.00 EACH. They were due beginning of June. Beginning of June I start getting excuses from him. Delays in the shipper…..boxes they come in arent ready. July rolls around. STill nothing. I am still getiing excuse after excuse . Now during this time…..Richie and the wife take a vacation and I see a private jet he just signed up for…like he is something. IHe finally told me (AFTER I ASKED AND ASKED AND ASKED), game boxes fell through…”hey thats how business goes”. HEY how about sending my wifes son a lala box (just regualr) and REFUND my 200 dollars. MONTHS go buy…and I am still aksking. To this day (October 22 2017). my wifes son STILL does not have a REGULAR lalabox (and the order for the game box was placed in MAY!). THAT is 5 months… refund to me…no product to my wifes son. Richie is a great scammer. He says the vacations in cancun were all prepaid. His window shot on FB with a stack of money three inches thick is just play. His lexus, his cruises to ythe bahamas (he did offer to bring me something back) all while customers are getting ZIP.He promises to refund my money, and now says his “prior” finance company refunded my 200 dollars, but he has to “call them” to find out information. That is bullcrap…and business always have copies of all past transactions. STILL no refund….but a lot of lame excuses. In July He told me that if I loan him 3k, and he put the other 3 k in we would each make 6 k…easy money. SO we signed a contract, and I sent him 3k. That was in July. I have gotten excuse after excuse after excuse. NOT ONE dime of money. He has gone on vacation and asked OTHER people to do the same thing I did “make some easy money this product sells itself”. I contacted him and told him, you have not even paid me, how can you ask other people to give you money. He had a sad sack story about his wife having issues, and he has to pay 2k a month for a server, and the bla bla bla. Bottom line is…this guy had the NERVE to just ask me AGAIN for money. Now keep in mind I have 4.200 already invested…..and have gotten nothing but a sad , lame bunch of excuses. He wanted 8k this time….and “he is sure we will turn a profit and you will get your money back”. This money was the money my mom left me for inheritance. Richie doesnt care, he is a scammer and his business is on borrowed time. I predict when things get to hot….he will disappear…and reappear as a different scammer. Look up “Shortyo scams”. You will see for yourself. I have every text message as well as IM saved. I will be looking into legal recourse to get my money back. I figure if he can go to Vegas, and Cancun, and the Virgin Islands……He can pay his debts to people .

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