The Yojo Show

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The Yojo Show

The Yojo Show Bromley Lowe Bromley Productions, LLC The Yojo Show! scammed my school then threatened me with rape and murder Highland MD!!. Our school PTA had a dispute with The Yolo Show, which is produced by Bromley Productions, LLC, which is run by Bromley Lowe. Bromley is a mascot. And that’s it. I am a mother of three. I have been very active with our PTA. I have worked with a number of assembly presentations. A number of presenters. And The Yolo Show was hands down the worst. The kids were totally engrossed with the “mascot” that it took away from any messages that the show tried to tell. I really didn’t appreciate their lack of context, oftentimes encouraging students not to listen to teachers, and not to tell their parents if there is a problem, but instead to take matters in their own hands. With over 200 shows up and down the east coast I would hope they would modify the message. And they charged us $1350 for two assemblies. That’s a lot of money for two people to just jump around and spray my kids with water from a water gun. The educational content was totally lost. Their themes of reading motivation, health and fitness, test taking preparation, and they cannot get their scheduling right. They had to reschedule on us several times. Then they said that their equipment was stolen. So we had to move our dates again. I checked out their social media. And on that same day they were supposed to come to us, they were in another school. They had double booked and put my school to the waste band. I would hope that an organization would be held up to high standards of honesty and integrity. And honesty and integrity are things that the actors at the Yolo Show and the producer Bromley Lowe, does not have. The worst part is when I called Bromley Lowe about my concerns with his scheduling issues. He then went insane. Threatening myself, my family, and my school community with RAPE and MUDER. Mental health is a major issue. And I know there are individuals that are suffering each and every day. And the producer of the Yolo Show exhibits clear bi-polar manic depression traits. I then hung up. And asked nicely for a refund. He was willing to give back our 50% deposit. But not the rest of the $725. I would highly recommend not doing business with The Yolo Show, it’s producer, Bromley Productions, LLC nor it’s other shows: He is still sending me a lot of SPAM on mail chimp. Totally unsolicited. I will be in contact with mail chimp to let them know he is breaking the law, specifically the CAN-SPAM Act. Not only breaking the law with harassment and terrorism. Save your time and most importantly your valuable funding and even more importantly, your sanity. I am now speaking to our school district lawyer. Learn from my mistake.

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