The View at State College Apartments

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The View at State College Apartments

The View at State College Apartments Kept my rent for 2 and half months after I moved out, and is still charging me for electricity charges incurred after I had turned in my keys State College Pennsylvania!!. I rented an apartment for my son for the last two years of college. They made me pay for the entire two years, up to the end of July of the second year, My son graduated on May 6. He received a letter telling him that he had to vacate the apartment no later than May 9 because they were cleaning the carprts on May 10 and everyone needed to vacate. He was asked to turn h his key by the end of the day on May 9. Even though we were required to pay rent for the months of May, June and July, which we paid. On May 9, they did a walk through, he turned in his keys and they signed off on the move. I received a letter several months later stating that we owe for electricity for several days after he left because they did not turn off the HVAC until several days later. I told them I was not responsible for anything after I had turned in my keys, As long as the charges were not incurred for the period he was there, it was not his reponsibility. They threatened to sue me and also send the bill to collection. They have retained my rent payment for 2 and half months, and now want to collect $54.00 additional from me. They do this to everyone and get away with it. They always tampered with the electric bills and present us with all sorts of charges and fees, and insist on payment. They send harrassing letters and threaten to ruin one’s credit until one pays. Their underhanded tactics are legendary indeed. They are boasting that they have been able to collect any charges billed by all the time because they simply refer the case to their attorney who follows up with harrasing letters and phone calls. Majority of the people they scam are young students who do not know anything, and want to avoid having their credit destroyed by this greedy company, and so they just pay whatever charges are billed. This company needs to be stopped. They need to follow the rules and stop being fraudulent.

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