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Lot Of Miscommunication

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08 October 2019

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It is not that the doctor is not good, but my experience was not good. The dentist is actually quite gentle but there was a lot of miscommunication happening in my case and that was quite disappointing. I had gone for a check up for some severe toothache that I had ignored for over a week due to my work schedule. I had to wait for nearly 2 hours for my appointment. Finally, around 10, I was called in. And as it turned out, there was again an emergency and I had to wait in the chair for some more time. I had taken the whole day off and so it did not cause any major trouble to me but it just made me very anxious. And it kept on getting worse every minute the doctor was not in the room. And around 15 minutes later, the dentist came in and apologized and was totally professional from their on till the check up. After the check up, I was asked to wait outside and I thought that was very strange. I thought the doctor would discuss with me what was wrong and what would be the course of action. I waited for some time and then out of anxiousness, I went up to the receptionist and asked her about my case. I don’t know why that bothered her but she gave a stern look and got on the phone with the doctor. She later told me that I would need a root canal and that I should prepare for that. It was quite shocking that the doctor would not tell me this thing on my face. I think there was a lot of miscommunication and just did not feel comfortable in going ahead with the procedure. I opted out and took up with another dentist.

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