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The Source Canada / Chateauguay | DISPICIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

This is an exact copy of a complaint I left on The Source Canada website: Just want to say Thank God for the iPhone recording feature…wish I had thought of it at the beginning of the trouble!! I have never in my years been treated so rudely by a sales person. I bought a camera on Monday and when I opened it realized that it had been used. On Wednesday I went to return/exchange the camera. I told the salesman that the camera had obviously been used and showed him the ripped bag, unwound cord and used handstrap. He told me that he did not have any more in stock, but would check with another store and could get one there by tomorrow. I told him this would be fine. Once he located one, he told me to take the used camera back and return tomorrow. I told him that I wanted to return the camera and would buy the new one. He told me it would be easier for him if I would do it his way, and I told him that, nonetheless, I wanted to return this camera now. AT THIS POINT, he said to me that I was wasting his time. Why didn’t I say this sooner? I should have told him that so that he could have looked for another camera for me in 10 minutes (this is what he said) and deal with the other customers. I was quite taken aback, but held my ground. I told him that he had no right to say this to me. That I wanted to make the return and would now THINK about returning to buy another camera. ANYWAY this went on for OVER 10 minutes. At some point during this, I turned on the recording device on my iPhone and was able to capture over 7 minutes. At a point YOUR EMPLOYEE STARTED RAISING HIS VOICE and my husband jumped in and started raising his…asking him what is problem was…just do the return already…Because of where we live (Quebec) my husband felt that this was language motivated (i.e. French speaking salesperson/English customer)…and said to the salesman: What is your problem? Is it because we are English? I don’t necessarily agree with my husband, but this is how HE felt. Your employee then threatened to call Security to have my husband removed because he yelled at the employee who yelled first (this is caught on my iPhone). In fact, he did call and the security showed up. At some point in here, your salesman threw the bill and my credit card on the counter and walked away yelling. Another salesman (the person who initially sold me the camera) came in to finish. He maintained his composure, as did I, but was equally as rude saying he agreed that I was wasting their time. I told him that I would not return home with a used product and wanted my credit. I also wanted my original receipt, which I was refused – they gave me a copy – I keep a copy of ALL my credit card transactions – all purchases/whether returned or not. I will NEVER buy another thing again at The Source. The ONLY just thing to do is FIRE this employee. I can honestly say that never in my 40 yrs have I been treated like this. Never have I felt so strongly about an employee. Even with bad service, and although I believe that if you don’t like your job, get a new one, have I ever felt that an employee should lose their job…until now. THIS WENT BEYOND acceptable. Why did the employee chose to tell me I was wasting his time? Could he not have said: Please bring the camera back tomorrow when I can do an exchange – it will be simpler…and then, when I reply, No. I’d like a refund, respond to me with, Sure. No problem? I will now give my business to other stores – stores that know how to hire staff and staff that knows how to treat customers. I just can’t believe I have wasted this much time on this; that I actually believe so strongly in this to write all this; and I can not believe that your employee ruined an absolutely perfect day…the 3rd of my husband’s vacation. If I could return the other items I’ve bought at your store – I would…as I whole-heartedly believe that my money is better spent elsewhere. **So the question now will be if a manager/a provincial manager/head office will actually care that a customer has been treated this way &-gt; yelled at and had security called on them. I will save my voice recording…just in case you are!

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