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Rude waiters and terrible organization

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22 September 2019

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I booked The SOL Venue for the celebration of my 12 years old son. It was one of the worst venues ever. I still regret booking The SOL Venue. I was suggested by one of my colleagues to get in touch with the manager of the place and was unaware of the fact that they had such a poor service. The manager of the place was of good behaviour but his job was to fix the date and time, it was now the job of the organizer for further arrangements. The organizer was the opposite and didn’t even pay attention to the details I told to him over the phone call. He took 3 days to complete his work whereas I was told that it would just take a day to complete the decoration by the manager.
On the first day, the organizer came late afternoon, he was about to come at 8 am. On the day of the occasion, he only provided with 3 waiters. They were short of soft drinks after an hour the occasion began. The soft drinks were not cold and weren’t made properly. Sugar was not added properly. The menu didn’t consist of all the items and was not heated properly before serving. One of the waiters argued with our guest. It was his fault serving cold eatables, still, he didn’t apologize for disrespecting our guest. Our guest told him to take it back and bring fresh food but he didn’t listen to him and went away. It was so shameful to present our guest in such a useless occasion. The birthday cake ordered earlier was destroyed by a staff member while decorating it inside. The music system arranged by them was not working at times. The number of chairs present in the venue outnumbered the number of guests and some of our guests had to stand during the whole occasion.
It such happened that the lights went off in the middle of the cake cutting ceremony and it took them another 15 minutes to recover it. I couldn’t feel more ashamed and regret about choosing the wrong company for my occasion. The host came 2 hours late after the occasion started. 2 out of 4 washrooms were out of service. The washroom was stinking and the cleaners had no job but to sit and gossip with one another. Even after requesting them a hundred times to clean the floor, they did it once or twice just to show their contribution as a cleaner.
The organizer was very rude and always had an irritating response. I gave him so many details about the decoration and the catering but he still missed a lot of detailing and finishing in his work. The guests complained about the quality of the food and the flowers they decorated with were artificial. I was disappointed with his work and would never select The SOL Venue for any further occasions. If you want to ruin the occasion prepared for your loved ones then book The SOL Venue or else take your business elsewhere.

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