The Paint Boss

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The Paint Boss

The Paint Boss Dominic Did not perform the work they said they would do naperville Illinois!!. The owners, Dominic told me in the initial meeting he would remove all of the scratches an make the car look new again and paint the front bumper. He said the cost is $425, which included $300 to paint the bumper and $125 to remove all of the scratches and clean the car. When I picked up the car he lied and was extremely strong in his manerism, being rude and insulting. He said he washed my car and it was filthly, never washed, and said it was being outside and it must be by a puddle of water. The car was only ther for 1 1/2 days. He said he sanded the bumper and painted it . When I got home the bumper had dripping paint and it was never sanded because it is plastic. He told me he would remove all the scratches and he never removed any or buffed the car as pormised. The car was filthy, worse then when I brought it in and with the same scratches. My read bumper had a strip of black plastic on it and he told me he would make it look new again . When I go home and look at it again, he put somethin on it and mow it is a tan color.

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