The Original Pest Offense

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The Original Pest Offense

The Original Pest Offense This product caused me to go insane and become violently ill Dallas Texas!!. I had a mouse infestation in my house so I bought this product at wal-mart. I had it plugged in for two weeks. The first week I started experiencing deep ear aches and thought I had the flu. By the second week my head felt like it was going to blow up. I thought I had a tumor or something. I also have severe clinical depression and am on disability for it. I thought I was having some kind o mental break down. I had never experience anything like this. It was human torture. All I could do was hold my head and mone. I thought if this is how it’s going to be I won’t live this way and even thought of suicide. I was thinking what could this be? I looked up the technology that this pest product used and decided to unplug it. I unplugged it and the pressure in my head subsided. I still have severe earaches and headaches. I have anxiety very bad. I have panick attacks in my slelep. My heart races. I don’t even know what kind of dr to go to . I want to sue this company because their product almost cost me my life.

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