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The Mechanic

The Mechanic The Warranty Group Automotive Warranty Services, Inc. Alabama Warranty Services, inc. Consumer Program Administrators, Inc. (AZ, IA, WY) Motor Warranty Services of North America (CA) Automotive Warranty Services of Florida (LA, WI) Horrible service, delay authorizing covered repairs Chicago Illinois!!. We purchased the service contracts on my 2018 Ford Escape from dealer at the time of purchase. It had both my husband & my name on the contract. On Saturday (3/3), car would not start. We replaced the battery (not covered). Sunday (3/4), it was dead again, so we had it jumped and drove it to the nearest Ford dealer. When we got there, it would not restart. Once Ford service diagnosed, they called for authorization. They were told there was a problem with the name. Turns out they only entered my husbandu2019s name In their system. To fix their error, I had to send in a letter sign by my husband approving my name being added. Iu2019m not even making this up! In the meantime, no repair is authorized and they are not providing me a rental car as they are supposed to per the contract. And they wouldnu2019t initiate a claim based on me relaying the diagnostic feedback from Ford service. No. They need to call. As of today u2018 my car has been out of commission for 3 days. No approved claim and no rental car. The stupid part of it is the total out of pocket for them is less than $500. This is my first claim. My car already has 73k miles on it and the agreement is for 6 years / 100k miles. And I paid a lot more than that for it! Trust meu2014- this will be the last service agreement I buy!

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