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The Lala Box

The Lala Box,Richard Hentosh, owner Poor product, worse company service, owner dishonest Brookhaven Pennsylvania!!. The Lala Box has always been difficult to use and fraught with problems. There are no instructions for the basic model and especially no support. My emails have all been ignored and calls asking for support are ignored. However, calls for sales are answered quickly but getting straight answers are very difficult. Owner Rich Hentosh has lied to me and also hung up on me at least 2 times even though I was being polite and patient. He has never called back. Lala box stopped working on 6/21/2019 so I’ve been without TV for 1 month now. Since I couldn’t get support before box bit the dust, I reformatted the box but it removed the Lala wizard software. I finally got Rich to answer my pleas for help via Facebook messenger. After working very hard over a couple of days to puuuulllll info from him, I FedEx’d the box to him with a check for $20. I wanted to drive the box there but he claimed office was being renovated. He said I would get box back in 2-3 days. I followed up to ensure he got the box. While box was in his possession, he went on Mexico on vacation. I would not have sent the box if I knew that, especially by FedEx. So, I’m still without TV, even after I offered to drive to him to get the box. I got thru at one point and he said his son formatted the box, so I offered to drive to pick it up. He hung up on me. At one point, he claimed he was at the hospital with his wife and reception was bad but he answered my texts when I challenged him, and to make many various excuses over the past month. His Facebook page claims 24/7 service and that he “typically replies instantly” but that’s not true. The phone recording instructs users to press 3 for a company directory. When I asked him if there wasn’t someone else who I could work with, he said he’s a one-man company and I’d have to wait until his wife got out of the hospital. With his lack of honesty and integrity, who knows what’s true or not? Either way, he had my box long before his wife went into the hospital. To get an idea of the owner’s ego and priorities, check out the Lala Box Facebook page. Rich added pic to Facebook indicating he was in Cancun with a note about being able to do what he wants because he’s the boss. His Facebook page also has a photo of large piles of money with his hand and fingers in a peace sign. His FB page also has the words “You’re in business to be successful, not to be loved.”

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