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Only trashy paintings

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18 September 2019

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The Great Frame Up, an art and painting exhibition centre designed to gather people that have an interest in viewing paintings of different artists. Some places are good and interesting and some are bad and this place is included in the latter category.
I won’t act biased and give good reviews rather I’ll prefer to say the truth to create awareness for future visitors. Just like others I also wanted to see an art exhibition where I can see different and interesting paintings. So I decided to go to The Great Frame Up and I was very excited about it. I went there, parked my car and went inside the centre. The interior looked mesmerizing and the details were to die for. In starting I saw very interesting paintings of different artists, they were pretty creative and each one was a beautiful piece of art in itself. A handmade painted face and a sun rising painting made from different paintbrushes took my heart. Each one of them attracted people and they were ready to spend thousands on them. I was also getting attracted by them and appreciated the art of that artist. As I walked towards more I was even more excited and soon enough became a fan of all artists. And now the bad time started, I saw some hilarious and terrible paintings which didn’t have any logic. After watching them it was very clear that a very third class artist has made these paintings. I thought only this portion has rubbish paintings. But I was completely wrong, further portions also had these kinds of paintings. I couldn’t understand the reason they were there. An artist was standing right to me so I asked him what does he feel when he sees these paintings. He replied to some shocking thing: “When I see these paintings I think my profession is a joke! This isn’t what the profession is, they need to polish themselves”. The management needs to decide on what to put up in the gallery rather than just filling it with useless stuff.
Quality over quantity needs to be practised! After hearing this I completely understood that this profession isn’t for everyone because it has creativity, reality, etc. and not everyone is blessed with these. So back to the centre, all further photos are disgusting and scary like a horror movie. Instead of watching them I decided to go back home because I wasted my whole day and money too. I never want to come back again there. But there was a shocking thing I had seen and that is people were also buying those third class paintings for their house walls. I don’t understand they have any sense of humour or not. They were just throwing their money into dustbins or I can say they were burning their money. What a bad use of money that was. If some portions have good paintings and the rest of the portions haven’t good paintings so it is not necessary to buy bad paintings too. Be creative to see creative.

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