The Global Society of Empowered Women

Phone: 516-983-1206, 855-303-161

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The Global Society of Empowered Women

The Global Society of Empowered Women Beth Johnston Perchuck, Beth Johnston, Beth Perchuck, fake office address at: 111 Bay Ave E Hampton Bays, NY 11946 THEY ARE A FAKE ORGANIZATION, STEALING WOMENS MONEY! SCAMMERS! DO NOT BUY! Garden City New York!!. This company used to be the IWLA-International Women’s Leadership Association but it looks like they had so much negative press online that they changed their name to continue the scam. Beth Johnston (Perchuk) or whatever she calls herself now, used to work in the Who’s Who industry. She was the former president of the IWLA or International Women’s Leadership Association. The IWLA and Beth Perchuck Johnston was charged by the NYS Attorney General Eric Sneiderman for deceptive business practices and ripping people off! THE IWLA HAS SINCED CHANGED NAMES TO THE GSEW. THEY ARE RUN BY THE SAME UGLY, REPULSIVE, SNAKEOIL SALESWOMAN BETH PERCHUCK! She is a professional scammer. STAY AWAY from this woman and this organization! They sent me an email stating that I was honored among women in education. This is part of the email:u201cOn behalf of The Global Society of Empowered Women (TheGSEW), it is my distinct pleasure to notify you that, in consideration of your contribution to family, career, and community, you have been selected as a woman of outstanding leadership in Education.u201d At the end it noted to register, and since I wasn’t sure what it was about I registered. There was absolutely no mention of a fee. A couple of days later, I got a call from my u2018personal liaisonu2019 to the group. She fluffed my ego, but having experience with another group with this marketing technique, I very nicely explained that I was hit by Hurricane Sandy and am still rebuilding. This didnu2019t faze her u2018 she continued her promo. I again nicely interrupted her and explained that if there was a membership fee involved I wasnu2019t at all interested. She continued, saying thatu2019s okay, at the end of her information I could choose what I wanted to do. And, again she continued. So, again I interrupted and explained that I was still rebuilding from Sandy and wasnu2019t in a position to spend money. Again she went on. Finally, still being polite, I said the conversation was a waste of both our time and that there was no point to it. She finally got that I wasnu2019t buying and asked if she could contact me at a future date. It was a ‘hard sell’ call and she just didnu2019t want to take no for an answer. Anyway, the point is to be aware of whou2019s contacting you and for what purpose. While itu2019s ego boosting to have an organization tell you youu2019re great and worthy of being a member, take a step back and question their motive, especially if they contact you cold.. While some organizations, if you can afford it, are worthwhile for the connections and networking, some arenu2019t. And, if you get a u2018hard sellu2019 call, ask yourself why theyu2019re so pushy. ** DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY **

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