The Girl and The Water

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The Girl and The Water

The Girl and The Water the water False Advertising, terrible Customer Service Vernon california!!. I really don’t like leaving bad reviews… but I had such a bad experience with The Girl & The Water that is still on going. … It all started when I saved up my hard earned $200 and went on line in search of a bikini for my upcoming vacay. I saved up for a while to shop for a new bikini! I was SO EXCITED when I finally found the bikini I wanted and placed my order and I immediately noticed I had the wrong shipping address in there. I emailed them within in seconds, I called and left a voicemail but there is actually no real customer service phone number to call. I waited a few days and still never heard anything but then I received the “your item has shipped email”, I eventually did get and email and a phone call back as an apology but my bikini did go to the wrong address. TG&TW claims to have called me back “in a timely response” but in-fact when I finally did get the call back it was a “sorry I was out of town since Thursday last week and am just now getting your email and we have already shipped your order.” So in fact yes they did get back to me but it was to only apologize for their bad customer service. It took them days to get back to me and then they didn’t even adhere to my request! I finally get my bikini and to my surprise it is not white as it is advertised and pictured on the website! It is actually pink in person! I’m glad other customers were “ok with that” but I was not. I have uploaded a photo to show the difference. It is completely advertised wrong. The photos should reflect the correct color of the bikini. Ok, so I want a refund right? NOPE, they now will not give me a refund because they have a strict no refunds policy. Even though their website has the color wrong and it’s their fault not mine?! They say they won’t accept returns because of people wearing bikinis but I clearly HAVE NOT worn this one? Please learn from my mistake and buy from a company that 1. Has great customer service and 2. Allows returns on UNWORN bikinis when the business was at fault for the mistake. Here is a list of a few websites that have those qualities… This is what bad customer service leads to! There are so many bikini websites out there, go spend your money somewhere with a good return policy, photos that reflect the right product and customer service that rocks…

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