The Document service center Susan Martin and Alberto Mendoza

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The Document service center Susan Martin and Alberto Mendoza

The Document service center Susan Martin and Alberto Mendoza Alberto Mendoza and Susan Martin Scammed me out of alot of money by not getting my mortgage payments dropped to 2% like agreed not returning phone call or my money my payments are higher then they have ever been now i am stuck with it ,,They outright lied all the way through the process a vaulable lesson learned New york and Portland New york and Oregon!!. I was contacted by Alberto Mendoza to help me drop my monthly mortgage payment down to 2% using the Harp goverment sponsored program, I told him I had a modification done which took 3 months to get approved and I was already behind on 2 payments before the modification was approved but my payments went up instead of down well thats when he said he can get my payments down to 2 % and i wouldnt have to pay the motgae compant for another 3 months but I would have to pay them the cost of my new monthly payments of 2% to his comapny with post dated check .when I asked about the money I owe them he said it would be moved to the back of the loan low and behold when I finally got my modification from the mogtage company it was $800 higher Alberto Mendoza kept telling me dont worry we do this all the time they have to comply with our request I should of known somthing was fishy when I asked to be copied on all coropondence that they sent to my mortgage company..Then Susan Martin steps in and assures me that everything that Alberto Mendoza said was true and she is my point of contact..They made everything look on the up and up with all the forms,I also asked Susan Martin Several times to sent me all the paperwork that got sent to the Morgtage company as well 5 months later and now my payments are sj]kyhigh I still havent received anything from Susan Martin or Alberto Mendoza then they told me the trial payments that are $800 higher will go down after the 3 months of payments I talked to several Attorneys and then to my morgtage company as well and they said absoultey not the payments will remain at that rate of 4.25% Now they do not return my phone calls or return the money they scammed from me but I will do whatever I can to stop them from scamming anyone else and I will repotrt this to news desk of local television stations social media and everything else I can think of to stop these people BEWARE OF ALBERTO MENDOZA AND SUSAN MARTIN THEY ARE VERY DISHONEST PEOPLE AND WILL NOT HELP YOU IN ANY WAY !

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