The Chubb Institute - Anthem College - Parsippany New Jersey

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The Chubb Institute - Anthem College - Parsippany New Jersey

The Chubb Institute – Anthem College – Parsippany New Jersey I got a sub-par education that was not worth anywhere near what they charged me. Parsippany New Jersey!!. In 2003 I went to Chubb for their Multimedia Design Course. Actually let me go back. When I initially went there, I spoke with a woman about a course that I was interested in. I saw that it was “Multimedia Design” so I thought that the course was all about movie making, which is what I really wanted to do. When I asked the woman if this course would teach me how to make movies, she said YES!! I should have dropped out the first week; little did I know the nightmare that lay ahead of me. At first it wasnu2019t too bad. Then our class had gotten a teacher who had no clue what he was doing. He read from the book and one time, while he was reading from the book, he actually said u201cSo thatu2019s how you do it. Iu2019m going to have to teach that to his high school studentsu201d. After he said that, the whole class was mad and we went to the night time dens office. After our complaints, we finally got a competent teacher, who taught us amazing things. After we had graduated we were all supposed to turn in the laptops that we had received at the beginning of the class. I had turned mine in, but after several weeks I was told that I hadnu2019t turned my laptop in, which I did turn it in. I donu2019t remember if they tried to fine me or not. Then, when the course had started I was told that after graduation, someone from the school would place me in a job. They never placed me in a job even though I kept after them after the weeks and months went by. Even to this day I am paying off that student loan. This place was a scam and I, as well as the rest of my class, should be reimbursed for that joke of an education.

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