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The Chrome Shop

The Chrome Shop Dave Parks Acceped moorcycle wheels to be chromed and will not return wheels Midland North Carolina!!. On April 3, 2018 I contacted the Chrome Shop, aka Dave Parks about getting my trike wheels chromed. I sent him picture of the wheels, and he stated that the job would cost &750. On April 7, 2018 we delivered the wheels to his home/work location. I paid him $375, and asked how long it would take to do the job. He told us tht it would take 2 weeks, max 3 weeks. He told me to call at the end of two weeks to see where he was in the process. At 2 weeks, he said he was running behind on his jobs, and it would be done at the end of 3 weeks. At 3 weeks, I called and got the answering machine. I called his cell phone and his wife said the whole family was on vacatiton for over a week. That’s when they stopped communicating by phone and began the texting back and forth. We have heard everything from Dave is sick, to he’s fallen behind in his work, to workers not showing up, to him being in the hospital seriously ill. I even received pictures of him (supposedly) in a hospital bed, but there is no way to know when this picture was taken. From the picture you cannot even tell it is him. We were scheduled to go the Rolling Thunder over Memorial Day weekend, however, we had no wheels and it had been 8 weeks to that point. Needless to say we missed rolling thunde and lost our deposits. rOn May 22, 2018 I received a text that my whels would be ready on the 23rd. On the 23rd I received a text that the wheels were ready, but I had to meet someone name Tico and bring cash for the balance. I had no idea who Tico is, how he ws related to the business, what kind of a situation I would be walking in to, or why I needed to bring cash. Since i have waited 8 weeks versus 3 weeks as promised, I felt the price should be adjusted. They firmly refused to provide an adjustment to the balance due, but offered to give me a really good deal on my next chrome job. I had no guarantee that Dave would get the money if I paid in cash, would I be robbed or attacked, I could not pick the wheels up at his shop, and he refused to meet me – as he was terribly ill in the hospital. I have filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s office and am awaiting a reply from them. Apparently, after reading all the complaints on line, this guy is a scamming fraud. Do not send anything to this guy or his supposed business. You may never get your product back, and if you do, it may not be in good condition.

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