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This place should be shut down for Christ’s sake.

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09 September 2019

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After almost a decade of being married, my wife and I started having some problems. We started arguing over petty things and soon all these small fights started leading up to bigger fights. I knew I loved her enough to never let her and she too had the same thinking. Things were starting to get more intense than ever and we decided to find a solution. After discarding many solutions, we finally came to a mutual agreement of going for couples’ therapy session. We decided that we would go for a personal therapist. After looking up for proper clinics, we finally decided to go to The Catalyst Center which seemed pretty good to us on paper. But this place is a mess, I wouldn’t suggest anyone visit this place for any kind of treatment.
As soon as we entered the place, the first thing we saw was a fight among two staff members. We decided not to pay heed to the fight and moved ahead. We were made to wait for more than an hour before our first session because the therapist was occupied during our appointment’s time. Soon, we were called in and we sat down on the chairs placed opposite to the therapist. The first question that came out of the therapist’s mouth after listening to us was – You guys sure you want to make this work? OF COURSE, WE WANTED TO! That was our whole point of being there. She advised us to start seeing other people consider getting a divorce. We could not believe how a therapist could say such things. Sessions like these kept on going but somehow they made both of us come closer to each other as we both would criticize the therapist together.
It was endurable until the doctor told both of us to come separately and made us swear not to tell the other person anything of our session. After this strategy, our fights started getting more intense. I stopped eating, sleeping and that was the same case with her. It was starting to affect our children too. One day, I thought about it and decided to talk about our separate sessions. Margaret told me how in the name of feminism, she was being encouraged by the therapist to fight with me to make me ‘bow down’. She even told that she tried convincing her to get a divorce. All of these pieces of advice were orated to my wife on the last day she went to therapy. I had now understood that all the therapist was trying to do was cause the largening of the rift there already was.
We decided to not go to that wretched place called The Catalyst Center as all that place did was try to break our relationship. I would recommend not only the couples but also the singles to not go to that damn place ever. After all, they are a bunch of thieves and nothing else.

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