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They almost made my cat blind

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14 September 2019

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Animals are an integral part of the world and they play a huge part in consoling humans with their company and presence. Just like all pet and owner relationships, my cat is very precious to me and if she is in trouble it breaks my heart. My cat has been showing signs of illness lately and that has got me worried. I got to know about the cat doctor and went in with my cat for a checkup. I went to this clinic because of the good reviews I saw on the internet but it all ended up being false and untrue. Those reviews must be paid reviews because they quoted such good things about the clinic. My cat had a serious eye infection and she needed to get an urgent checkup. I went in at the scheduled time and as soon I entered the clinic it gave me a very unpleasant vibe. The staff at the front desk was very impolite and unfriendly. They were short on staff and there was a long line in the waiting room. The waiting room was very small and suffocating. There were only two doctors present and it was hard for those two to accommodate so many clients. As a result, they were wrapping up appointments quickly and were not dealing with each client properly. It took hours to get to the examination room wasting a lot of my time. The doctor was a very bad listener and didn’t care about answering my questions and wrapped up the consultation in less than 10 minutes. I had a lot to ask her but she never gave me a chance to express my concerns. She prescribed some eye drops and I was shown the door. I completed the medication without missing any day. Ten days went by but my cat showed no signs of improvement. I waited for another 2 weeks but there was still no betterment. I called the office to inquire about it and the lady on the call took my contact information and told me that the doctor will call me back but I never got any call from them. I waited for about a month but my cat was still unwell. I had to go to the clinic again for another consultation and the doctor prescribed me some other medication. My cat was showing serious reactions after taking those medications. I stopped the treatment immediately because my cat’s eye was getting even worse than before. I went to another vet and found out that the treatment was wrong from the get-go. They almost made my cat blind. Their services are bad and the fee is too high. They even pushed me to get unnecessary tests just to get hold of more money. They don’t care about the ailing pets and are heartless and greedy. Such insensitive people should be put behind bars and their clinic should shut down for the malpractice they are doing. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Make sure to stay away from this fraud clinic.

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