The Academf of Knowledge Preparatory

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The Academf of Knowledge Preparatory

The Academf of Knowledge Preparatory SCAM. SCAM. SCAM!!!! Miami Florida!!. For starters, DO NOT WORK HERE!!!!!!! DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILDREN HERE!! I was WRONGFULLY terminated from this idiotic school and itu2019s ring leader, LISA HADLEY BROWN. Ring leader Brown scammed me out of PERSONAL information to access my files from my phone. She removed me from the school without me knowing, sent letters to parents saying I was no longer the teacher without me knowing, and never gave me the money OWED to me that I worked hard for. After I attempted to contact her about my compensation, I soon realized that she had BLOCKED my telephone number so that I am not able to contact her. I have NEVER done anything wrong to that lady or her evil clan of children. Everyday there was non stop gossiping from ring leader Brown, about other employees. This lady is so foul that she even gossiped about her own children that worked there. I was harrassed on numerous occasions by this family. I was not allowed to even speak, or eat lunch with my own team member. Wow. Ring leader Brown also called my phone back to back AFTER WORK HOURS, many times for no reason. She would text me using all capitals, very, very, rude. She is demanding, and not helpful nor compassionate whatsoever. As far as the children, parents were scammed out of money for field trips, parties, etc. never knowing where the money was going. Who charges $25 for their child to have a party in THEIR classroom? Where does that money go? Straight to the scammers pockets. The childrenu2019s lunch is horrible and not even close to being nutritious. There have been many stories of teachers physically abusing students, yet, they still work for her. These people are calculated scammers. She and her family are placed in high positions in the community DELIBERATELY, so that they can tear down others. This is why us as African Americans, will never progress. Please, do you and your family justice by steering clear of this toxic family and their business. It truly baffles me that they have been open for this long, after many reports filed. Need a job? Forget about working here. You will be treated unkindly, spoken rudely to, yelled at, talked about, the list goes on. I truly wait for the day that this business shuts down. It will be a benefit to the community. LISA ANNETTE HADLEY BROWN, YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SEW. GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!

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