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That Lala Box LLC

That Lala Box LLC Richard Hentosh Wired money got no product or refund Brookhave n, King of Prussia Pennsylvania,!!. I contacted Rich Hentosh the owner of The Lala Box LLC with the intention of becoming a eeseller. I asked all the questions I felt nessisary to insure the product was what it claimed to be and was something I could market in my area. I mentioned to him that I would purchase 10 boxes to start once I in a few days and contined myou doUeda diligen.ce and contacted some of the resellers of theach lala box to see what there experience and interactions withe Rich and the product were like. I learned that Rich often did not get things shipped out on time and waiting a week or more for he to ship product to you was normal and that he could be difficult to deal with. The accusation of being difficult confirmEd my own opin ion of him from my personal interactions with him. The fact that he often 21st late shipping product out worried me enoought that I was reluctant to get involved with the company. I decided to just make the minimum purchase required to gecotec a resellarge wHicham is 5 boxes as stated by the website. When I contacted Rich to make the order he informed me that the minimum order in now 10 boxes, I told him the website says 5. AAfter telling him that I would purchase 10 boxes when I ordered again he agreed to sell me 5 and gave me his banking info to wire the money. I wired the money around 12:30 on 2-3-17. I contacted him shortly after to send him copies of the wire and ask when he would ship the boxes, he said as soon as the money is in the bank. I contacted him at 4 that day and he said the money was in his account and he would get me the tracking info tomorrow (Saturday ). I called Saturday and he said I’ll get you the tracking info today and it would be sent out on Monday. After many attempts Monday to contact Rich by phone and texting finally got a tracking number that said the package had not been picked up by UPS. By Wednesday the sproduct had not been sent out and my calls andntexts were unanswered. I finally sent hint a text requesting a refund He replied to that text saying he would refund my money and he was doing me a favor anyway by sending just 5 boxes, yet he had not sent any. This was on 2-8-17 and I have yet to get my refund, today is 2-13-17.

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