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Thacker And Associates

Thacker And Associates Bruyette & Associates, ARCO, Notary Dept, Tristar Consumer Group, Jason Bruno Non-Payment for Services Nashville TN!!. I was twice scammed by this company who uses; aka Bruyette & Associates, ARCO, Notary Dept, Tristar Consumer Group and Thacker and Associates. My unfortunate dealings with them began December 2017, when I accepted a consumer debt resolution signing from them. After arriving at the consumer’s home and presenting them with the company’s presentation, they declined to go further. I was promised full payment and asked to send over my invoice. Needlessly to say, after weeks of trying to get compensated, I finally called it a wash and a lesson learned. Little did I know at the time that these crooks use aliases. Fast forward to this year, last month- I received a call from a Lizette asking me if I would be available to assist with a debt consolidation. Last year they used the name Bruyette & Associates, this time it was Notary Dept. While going over the document, I noticed the name Bruyette & Associates and realized that this was the same company that scammed me in December 2017. I called the client and informed him that I would not be able to keep our scheduled appointment and told him that another notary would be perhaps contacting him. That was Friday evening; October 12th, our appointment was scheduled for Saturday, October 13th. On Monday, October 15th, I received a call from Lizette asking how my appointment went, and could I please email her the documents that I received from the client. I informed Lizette that I did not complete the assignment because I was worked for them before and was never paid. She acted very confused and said that she was sure that this was not her company. She then asked if I could send her the information, so she could review it and make sure it was them who did not pay me. After sending her the correspondences from last year, invoices and my numerous request for payment, she was SO apologetic and told me that she had sent everything over to her boss for review but, could I please just complete this assignment for them. Next, I received a call from Patrick who, also apologized and assured me that If I completed this assignment for them that he would make sure that both of my payments would be in my PayPal account at the end of the week. Needlessly to say, I am still waiting on both payments, in addition to $6,75 which I used of my own money to send them the documents I collected from their client. Yesterday, I sent off a collection letter and ccu2019d Bruyette & Associates, Jason Bruno, and Notary Dept., today, I received an email from them saying they mailed my payment on November 1st … they had the nerve to ask me to let them know when I received it. I asked them to provide me with the address in which the payment was mailed; no response. After challenging them throughout the day, I received another email stating that u201cpayment was deposited into my PayPal account; please advise.u201d Of course, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my PayPal account! This group of people prey on consumers and notaries to make money and have been getting away with it for far too long. I have been researching them and they are all connected– one group. I havenu2019t figured out how a Rene Cabrera is connected to this group however, he/she has registered several companies onto Notary Signing Agentu2019s sites as reputable companies yet, they are all connected to the companies I listed above. As far as I can tell, this Rene individual goes onto sites that notaries frequent, register companies as reputable, which creates a cycle for them to continue hiring unsuspecting notaries to pitch their lies to consumers. In the end, the consumer and the notary lose while Bruyette & Associates, ARCO, Notary Dept, Tristar Consumer Group, and Thacker and Associates steals money from notaries and consumers and time. As a Notary Signing Agent, I am advising all consumers and Notaries to please do not get duped by these people, they are nothing more than predators, criminalu2019s thieves, grifters, and liars.

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