Texas School of Phlebotomy China Grove, TX

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Texas School of Phlebotomy China Grove, TX

Texas School of Phlebotomy China Grove, TX Student graduate stil has not received certifications have requested a few times and want to charge me a fee for what should already be free China Grove Texas!!. As a student then I give them a 4 star rating and that only because the instructor Mr Garza give him 4 stars. But the rest of the staff I think not! But as soon as you stop giving them money that is it, they become defiant and even bothered that you bother them for anything. I mean really it’s not like the students pay their salaries … oh wait we do when we purchase the course!!! I had moved literally 150 miles away before the certificates came in I asked for them to mail it to me. Not hard right you’d think not!!! Especially after all the money you spend for the course. I was a 4.0 GPA student the whole time constantly tried to make sure when I graduated I was going to have a good name for them. But none of that matters the only one who gave a darn to check up on students was of course Mr Garza because hes that kind of instructor that pushes you to succeed. Well back to certificate I asked them to mail it to me wouldn’t have cost them more than 5.00 to do or even just as a courtesy. Its been a constant battle now it’s 1 year later and finally they stated i can send a self addressed envelope which is no problem I suggested to do that in December of 2017. I’m just so flippin upset this is all to ridiculous I have already reported then to AMCA and also the BBB. How can they treat their students like this. They make plenty of money the manuals are cheap copies in a folder you get from office depot for 3.95. you’d think they would actually invest in their school and take care of their students. I have referred a few people there but never again. So sad TSK TSK TSK!! You would think after paying almost a thousand dollars we’d receive better materials and at least a little care and concern.

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