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19 September 2019

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Never, I repeat trust the Texas renaissance festival for your entertainment plans. We all had the worst experience ever for the camping trip.
From the condition of buses to the area nothing was even close to being similar to what we had seen in the pictures. This all started when our group of friends decided to go for a camping trip after our A – level finals. Since the day of our last exam, we were searching for good trip planners for going on a camping trip that would help us get over of all the exam trauma.
We came over this very “famous on internet” festival known as texas renaissance festival that had just started a new experience known as the “Camping”. On looking at what it was offering we got excited and half an hour later we were all sure that we are trusting this place for our entertainment. The very next day we called for reservations and reserved next week’s package. We reserved 4 large cabins as we were a group of 8.
We thought we’ll accommodate two in each cabin. We cleared the formalities and got out the type of camping passes. It was Friday that day and we were leaving at 6 in the morning on Monday. The trip was for two days and we decided to attend the festival on Wednesday evening with the King Feast Package. It was Monday morning and we reached the point from where we had to start the trip. On reaching there at around 5.30 there was no sign of people there. We thought maybe we are early and everyone will be there in while.
At around 6 which was our leaving time, the buses arrived with our tour guide that will be telling us everything about what has been planned for us.
We got onto the buses to reach the camping point and not to be exaggerating the bus smelled bad with wrappers all around and eatable leftovers everywhere. We explained this issue to the in-charge but he didn’t take into consideration what we said. We cleaned our respective seats and got back to being happy again as we didn’t want to ruin our trip. The in-charge told us that it will hardly take 45 minutes to be there. We started enjoying ourselves singing songs and playing games that we didn’t take into account the passing time. After like what seemed like 2 hours we looked onto the time and saw it was 8.30 meaning around one and a half hours had passed by. We were shocked and decided to ask the in charge, who was fast asleep, about when we’ll reach. At first, he didn’t wake up but later woke up rubbing his eyes and asked the driver why we didn’t get there to which he replied that there was a blockage on the route we usually took and we’ll be there in a half-hour. We got a bit positive but again 1 hour later we couldn’t see any signs of being there as we were going on a road which seemed endless. We were finally there at 10 and shocked to see that there were no arrangements. We were told we have to put up the camps ourselves as the person who did it went due to some emergency and they had no backup. We saw our cabins and were stunned to see that there were no facilities as stated and we got only 2 cabins instead of four as they weren’t available, huh. We accommodated as boys in one and the girls in the other. No bonfire, no water, and smelly and rotted food are what we got. We weren’t even facilitated with the mattresses and on this, we decided we will not go for the King Feast. What we wanted to be a stress reliever turned out to be even more stressing.

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