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Rude Staff and Zero Customer Service

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30 August 2019

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If you need a treatment don’t even think about Texas MedClinic of the staff were rude and had zero customer service, except for the doctor I was seen by. The doctor was good, cheerful, smiled back, shook my hand and actually talked to me with respect. I didn’t want anymore like to kiss my ass, but a little courtesy would have gone a long way. Everyone except the doctor aced like my presence alone was bothering them and an inconvenience. I was taking an eye exam, and an employee behind me starts hysterically laughing out of the blue. I turn around to see what’s going on, and she’s sitting there alone so what do I get from this This that she was making fun of mine or whatsoever. I had a hard enough time seeing the letters lol.  After I’m examined by the doctor, I get dressed and walk out of the exam room. I’m not sure where to go next, so I ask an employee I see, looking at me while sitting at a computer, do I go this way? She rolls her eyes and looks back at the computer screen.

A different employee answered for her with a smile, the first and only smile during the whole experience other than that of the doctor. I went to this location because it was closer to my house. If I ever need to go to a Texas Medical Clinic, I’ll be going to a further one.  I entered the clinic in a good mood and left in a bad one. What one thinks about going to a clinic that he is going to a place where he will be healthy all the people of the clinic have sound mind and body. They fix the appointments according to their time scheduled and do not think about your work, they are self centered there with the priority given to money. They have bad services, over priced and non- cooperating I would not recommend them to anyone.

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