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Texas Marine of Beaumont

Texas Marine of Beaumont Texas Marine Poor after sales service Silsnee Texas!!. First, a little information about myself. An un-retired 67 year old, Father, Grandfather, husband, Independent Baptist Deacon, Vietnam Veteran, Control Systems Engineer, 5th degree Blackbelt Torite Jutsu, hunter, fisherman and love all life. My experience to share should apply as a caution to dealing with this generation of businesses. 2013, I purchased from Texas Marine (TM), a Avalon Catalina Tritoon. This being my dream boat with all the bells and whistles with regards to performance in the water and fishing electronics. All to the tune of nearly $50K. The beginning was rocky with getting the design that I preferred delivered and prepared for late spring fishing. This would include this reports point of $4K Service Agreement with FPC Protective Assets Protection that I was talked into purchasing. “A great deal, Charlie. Total boat coverage that can use anywhere with a $100 deductible for 8 years. If you bring to TM, the $100 fee is waivered.u201d From the beginning, TM service department expertise was suspect. Problems came up with the command panel coming loose with clips that were installed. Had to self-install grip screws to secure the panel. Then, relatively early on, one year, the trailer front ladder deck broke completely. It had been slowly coming loose. I should have taken in earlier but feel TM should have sent out recall notice as the piece had been re-engineered. TM used my agreement for this instead of manufacturer warranty. This was a red flag to me. Then, I had my first Minn Kota iPilot failure. Brought to TM and repair done. The iPilot looked like it had been through a war. Scarred and rubber insignias misaligned and melted. Another red flag. Did not complain, it worked, back to fishing. Many other self-repairs done to the tune of replacing this saltwater rig hardware used at Sam Rayburn that had corroded, deteriorated and broke with costly stainless steel hardware. Especially, the Bimini top hardware. There was a Lowrance HDS-8 fail, self-replaced with Lowrance Elite 7, two corner casters broke and self-replaced with side molding, replaced the Bimini top frame, sonar sensor replaced twice, etc. No bother to TM or FPC. Fast forward to current day. Beginning of spring fish, during an outing, iPilot died. It had been making noises and excessive vibrations and went dead. Could not find a replacement for and found at Premier Boats in Jasper, Texas that recommended the new version. Purchased, plug and play, back to fishing. Decided the agreement needed to cover as all electronics is under the agreement. Called FPC for a claim. Very friendly and helpful agent questions until we got to “Did you install or dealer?u201d I did. Plug and play. “Do you not understand the terms of the agreement?u201d “Claim deniedu201d. Offered a rebuttal and got what was a scripted example utilizing an automobile repair. Well, I guess this one is on me. Know the game now. Called TM to speak with one identified as the general manager (TMGM). Complained of the agreement and he repeated the automobile script. Many red flags. Hmmmmm. Collusion? Very likely. Next incident was with the McClain trailer. Tires were worn to a dangerous point too many times and contacted the McClain Manufacturer. Sent pictures of the trailer and they declared bent axles and damaged hubs. OK, took trailer to McClain, verified damage and had McClain call FPC right then, on the spot.. Yeah, man. Got this covered. FPC agent issued a repair order number. McClain repaired, issued invoice to me and FPC, I paid for repairs and back to fishing. All well. Until, call to FPC for claim status update. “We did not authorize repairs. Claim denied.u201d Picked myself up off the floor and in the following week called 4 different times getting four different agents. Each very friendly, walking through the same nice questions until they reached, “We did not authorize repairs. Claim denied.u201d Finalizing with . “Do you not understand the terms of the agreement?u201d At this point, completely convinced this is a scam and TM in collusion with FPC. At this point, filing a claim with BBB. Soon, Texas Marine called me. Let me state here that BBB rules state that I have 7 days to report back or the case will be closed as resolved. The person at TM indicated none of his current staff would have sided with FPC. (Little did he know that I recognized his voice as that very person). He was very hospitable and that their mode of business was to help their customers to satisfaction and were there for them. He would look into it? Me thinking, that it? All you need? Uh huh. 3-4 days, he then needs more information. Provide information. Time marches on. Day 7 I indicate I need to respond. He needs more time, excuse, excuse. When I directly question activity, the original general manager shows himself. If I continue, my attitude will prevent him from further help. wait a minute, YOU called me. Texas Marine nor FPC ever had any intention of paying for any of it and I expectted none. Made my way back to BBB with an unfavorable report and here at scam. My payback will be in the prevention of any consumer falling into what I did. This is a Consumer/Buyer BEWARE Alert for Texas Marine and SFC. Should any of you boaters/fishermen fall into business with either of these two companies, you will need a lawyer to understand the ins and outs of anything you sign. It is by design. Beware, be wise, be dilligent in understanding in yiur busibess dealings. Good luck and God Bless.

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