Texas Cattle Company

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Texas Cattle Company

Texas Cattle Company – Lakeland Prejudice scam Bad Service Lakeland Florida!!. I visited this location on 3/18/2017…what a joke the place was. I had never been so I was unaware it was a *step up* steak restaurant, and as usual I went in with my shorts on..which i do a lot because I should be treated the same as everyone else, the company doesn’t know me and/or what is can afford. I was immediately treated as if I couldn’t afford to eat there and was in the wrong place. My kids were brought raw burgers, which I immediately sent back, no apology, no dicount, no manager, no nothing. Had to ask the waiter for refills constantly, which he acted like it was an inconvenience. 2 tables of “regulars, with kids”were sat after us and got their food and checks before we got our food, cooked correctly. Added a drink “to go” (at full menu price) and wated anpther 20 minutes for it, however, I got my corrected check within a few minutes. When I got my check, I noticed there was gratuity added in at 18%, now mind you I usually tip at least that, but I don’t like being told what I HAVE to tip. I tip based on service, accuracy and attitude, so I changed the tip amount, paid in cash (because i wasnt given an option to pay with my card, so thank goodness I had cash)and headed out. OMG…I have NEVER been chased out of a restaurant, but this a*****e chased me down for 10$ because I didn’t tip what he wanted me to. I asked about a discount for the raw food and informed him that he couldn’t demand a specific tip that i could tip what i wanted so i adjusted the receipt to reflect as such. He stated that I was at the wrong restaurant to tip what I wanted, he required at least 18%. What a f**king joke this company is. I hope everyone stays as far away from this place as possible (unless u like being treated like you’re an inconvenience and don’t belong there). This was my first and last time ever visiting this chain of restaurants.

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