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TexanPlus Health Care Review

TexanPlus Health Care

In general, I am pleased with the services of TexanPlus. I just received a survey, however, that had a computer-generated voice. It asked me about general health issues and problems. It also said it was a Medicare-required annual survey (which I have never received before and I’ve been on Medicare for years!). The problem with the survey is in two specific questions: 1. It asked: “Who is the current president of the United States: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or Barack Obama?” What?? It IS 2019 and Donald Trump has been president for over two years now!! After the fifth time it asked this question, I finally said “skip” and it did, thankfully. 2. It asked: “What language did I prefer to speak in? English, Spanish, or something else?” My reply was “English, we DO live in the United States!” It took the answer but I hope that someone heard the response because, honestly, shouldn’t any American citizen receiving Medicare speak English? I mean, if they entered the country the LEGAL way, anyway!

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  1. Caren Pittsenbarger May 25, 2020

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