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Terry Smith imported car service

Terry Smith imported car service Incompetent, Unregulated, unlicensed Auto Repair Scam Dalton Georgia!!. Terry Smith, purported owner of Imported Car Service & Auto Body located in Dalton, Georgia is an incompetent, scam artist claiming to have auto repair experience. He uses different variations in the business name and address. AKA Import Car at 1424 East Murray Ave. Dalton, GA. Mr. Smith grossly overstates his experience and abiilities in repairing and building custom restomod vehicles. After several long distance discussions, he convinced us to send him a 67 corvette restomod project build. We had to ship the vehicle and parts nearly 1500 miles to his shop. One of the worst mistakes in our 20+ year career. He misrepresented previous restomod builds to us that he purportedly worked on. He sent us photos and directed us to websites showing the completed car. Unfortunately, we never requested that he provide us with progress photos of the previous builds. Moreover, we couldn’t reach any of the previous vehicle owners to veryify the work. Simply, we relied on his misrepresentations. We shipped the restomod build to him with all of the necessary parts to complete the build. The car sat at his location for nearly 3 months before anything was started. He claimed delays because of his failing health and missing parts. In reality, Mr. Smith was in over his head. He had no idea how to proceed with building this project for us. His incompetence led to many thousands of dollars in damages and delays for us. He butchered a newly fabricated, powdercoated chassis with drilled holes, scratches, incorrect parts, attachments, etc. Once we finally recovered the vehicle and some of the parts back from his shop, we had to undue all of his shoddy work and repair damaged areas of the car chassis, interior dash, and engine compartment. He ordered incorrect parts that we attempted to return and/or exchange. He ordered incorrect finishes i.e; drive accessories in chrome when the finish was brushed alum. or mill finish. We lost over $30K in repairing his shoddy work and lost payments made to him before we discovered his incompetence. We made written demand for reimbursement from him however, he ignored our demands. We are only left with long distance civil litigation to recover our loss and damages. Additionally, we are attempting to notify the public of this unethical, unprofessional, unlicensed, auto repair facility. Mr. Smith should not be in business. Therefore, under no circumstances should you take any vehicle to this person or his auto repair facility. He is NOT a custom car builder, restomod builder, or repair mechanic. Frankly, he never demonstrated that he could perform any auto repairs.

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