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Terros Enclave

Terros Enclave Failure to provide medication Tempe Arizona!!. For starters we get new so called case workers like every 6 months. Apparently their paid so poorly they quickly move on to new jobs. In the 3 years I’ve been going to Terros I’ve never seen an actual psychiatrist, they have nurse practitioners that prescribe meds. About 1 1/2 years ago my appointment with the nurse practitioner was abruptly cancelled. Even though I ran out of medication and kept calling up about it, they kept giving me new appointments and canceling them, I ended up going without meds for 6 months and in those 6 months I kept spiraling deeper and deeper into severe depression. Then just recently I was denied SSDI based on the opinion of the Terros nurse practitioner and a social worker who at the time had only been assigned my case the month prior. The social worker formed the opinion that my bipolar 1 disorder was stabilized and well managed with medication and that I should get a job based on 2 five minute home visits and made a point of putting that in the written record. Needless to say that was heavy weighed against me in the judges decision of denial. Also the nurse practitioner made comments to the effect that I was very capable of taking care of myself knowing I was trying to get SSDI. The nurse practitioner has issues with me because I have the nerve to question her in regards to my treatment and because of my constant complaining for her refusing to prescribe me xanax which my previous psychiatrist had prescribed me for years. I’m also suffering from medical issues that prevent me from working. If I wasn’t so physically sick and depressed from being so sick believe I would be working. There’s nothing worse then being flat broke and trapped at home all the time because of my physical limitations. Seven months from now my only source of income ends and I’ll undoubtedly become homeless and I blame it all on Terros. If I don’t kill myself I will no doubt die from the elements outside. Not that anyone in the world cares or my life is of any importance to anyone other then my children my eminent death is on their hands. It’s like those people went out of their way to make sure I lost just for s**** and giggles

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