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TerraCorp. Management Inc | Crooked company

I moved into an apartment at the end of August 2010. The address of these apartments is 1255 Huron St. in London Ontario. Everything was fine with the apartment until the cooler fall and winter months starting coming. As the weather started to get colder, cockroaches started to come into my unit. They were crawling up the bathroom drain. I immediately got the building manager to call a pest control company. When the people from the pest control company came to bait my unit, they pointed out old bait that I had not noticed when I first looked at the unit. When I saw that, I assumed that the building managers had known about this little problem well before I moved in. Long story short, I attempted to get out of my lease, and was unsuccessful. I ended up taking the company to tribunal and the company’s lawyer told me that the old bait was part of their preventative treatment with the apartment. She told me that there are treatments done every year, yet for some reason only had paperwork showing this from 2007. Also, she showed me a document that stated the unit I am in had never been reported infested. However, NINE other units in the building had. In order for them to have not known about the cockroaches before I moved in, those nine units would have had to reported those infestations within the 2 month gap of me moving in and noticing them. I have witnessed countless other tenants complaining about the same problem as mine. The building managers even tried to tell me that I brought the roaches in. I couldn’t have because this is my FIRST apartment, and I have all brand new furniture. Also, there is mold constantly growing on the bathroom ceiling, which also means that was there before, and just painted over with white paint. I wonder why the company feels the need to fight so hard to keep one lease. Maybe because they never thought anyone in a building inhabited mostly by immigrants and young students with no resources would ever complain any farther than the building managers door. This whole company is crooked, along with all the people who work for it.

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