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Terra Nova Ministries

Terra Nova Ministries Catholic Charities LV, Nevada State Corporate Network Identity theft, harassment, cyber warfare, anti-semitism, fraud Las Vegas Nevada!!. Since this has been so mentally, emotionally, spiritually and virtually taxing, I write this in confidence. I have allowed the abuse to go on for too long and I don’t intend on keeping quiet anymore. My fiancu00e9’s mother has recently retired from a very well known non profit organization, has provided her to devote her time to whatever would drive her to make gaslighting and scapegoating me her full time job. Keep in mind, he also lost his father two years ago, to which he was provided no solace when we attended the funeral. (Catholic Charities funded) Alas, no pictures of him and his father in her display to keep her reputation in tact, after blaming me for calling the FBI, telling us not to mention that at the funeral. I did not contact the FBI (accusation in 2015), I will stick to facts for now. Somehow she has managed to turn my love for her son into a narcopathic nightmare. I can only compare this to WW2 type pre holocaust tactics. Utilizing her position at the non profit she has managed to break my household down to virtual poverty, co-dependentantly “keeping” her son on her cell phone service plan, taxes, opening mail, etc. She has contacted the welfare service and got my benefits stripped, she contacted whoever and got my pre authorization for a medication she ironically and sparingly purchased, to of course, remind us that she is superior and in charge of our lives. Recently, she threatened to move back with her family in MO who soon after co-incidentally posted a plethora of genuine n**i memorabilia as badges of honor and intimidation on Facebook (I saved the pictures). She has been using her pc know how to continue this every second of every day, and I know it was going on when she worked for non profit as well, as her browser searches show up on the devices I have left. My email, my facebook, my privacy, relationship,sense of self and confidence, completely diminished. I feel as though the only way out is to dissapear, which I fear she will inevitably make happen anyway, so in a sense it’s just me wanting to gain control over my life again. Knocks on the door, constant harassment, cyber and spiritual tactics have broken me down to nothing. I have no criminal history, I have no reason to feel as though I deserve this, and this is the effect it has had on me as well as everything I have not mentioned my fiancu00e9 has gone through. For example, she sent him to get an HIV test through her non profit ORG and intentionally had the results defined to him as positive just to say she “believed he had it and she prayed it away.” I don’t have close to enough space or ability to feel anything but defeated to give every example of the disassembly of my family in this box, but we remain strong. His fathers will and any other monies due to him were fake doctored to keep this co-dependent oppression continuing to this very moment, so I apologize if this doesn’t seem clear. I am going to reach out to a variety of sources and I will see this to justice, until Peggy Daley Mckenzie and anyone else who played a role here is held accountable. I don’t need to spend my time constantly researching these esoteric yet powerful tactics and/or people she has utilized in her effort to prove that as a representative of a place that claims complete non biased of race, religion, or creed, the state of our impoverished doubt and fear has led me here. Rex Bell Sr. was a close family friend and I don’t know who to trust, but I hope this reaches the right person to address this, as I said, if I die in the process, I will be sending this story and saving all proof and documents to back it up to every source I see fit, knowing I did not allow this to happen another minute. I know the truth will reveal itself and I know when people go to the extent she has to destroy my being, they might be hiding quite a bit herself. Notice that Gina Pearl (Georgina “Jennerman”) has already worked for Nevada State Corporate Network, and while with Peggy Mckenzie’s help somehow got a job at the LVRJ, after being fired from the Albany DMV for soliciting her writing to at least 35 literary agents, and was busted in mineral city for “3 arrested in drug bust.” Terrfa Nova Ministries Ijust discovered plays a role because the man who claims to be in charg’es wife, “Kathy Craft” also happens to work for catholic charities. Kim and Wyatt Las Vegas Nevada Type a message…

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