Tequila Point

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Tequila Point

Tequila Point Southwestern Grille & Margarita Bar Poor sanitation, infestations of vermin, food-borne illnesses from food Mineral Point Wisconsin!!. A group of 4 of us ate Mexican food at Tequila Point in Mineral Springs, Wisconsin in July. We all got violently sick the next day. We had to drive back to Madison to get medical treatment. Vomiting, diarrhea, and intense stomach cramps. My wife was vomiting blood at times. The doctors said it was either e-coli or noravirus, but they were certain the infection came from our dinner. We tried reaching out to the owners of Tequila Point, but the woman who claimed to be in charge was very argumentative and verbally abusive on the phone. We didn’t ask for anything, just wanted to give her a heads-up that things weren’t very clean there. She told us to f— off and hung up. With the help of an attorney, we have now launched an investigation into the sanitation and food preparation practices at Tequila Point, and are considering a lawsuit for our medical bills. Our attorney used a subpoena to get health department records from the local authorities. The preliminary report shows many negligent things going on there, such as prepping raw and cooked food on the same tables, improper refrigeration and storage, cooks not washing hands, spoiled food being used, and an abundance of rodents (rats and mice), along with insect infestations such as cockroaches. The health depatment has disclosed that Tequila Point has been cited numerous times over the past two years for many of these violations, but apparently, nothing is being done to clean up Tequila Point’s filthy kitchens. The health authorities would like to shut the place down, but those wheels turn slowly. You would be well-advised to steer clear of this dirty, unhealthy restaurant, unless you enjoy getting coliform viruses from your meal.

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