Phone: 8332209222

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Teqguru US Scam Company Teqguru Scam Number 1844-230-0999 San Antonio Texas San antonio Texas!!. Do not call telephone number: 1844-230-0999.They charged me $1010 This is because the number is being used by cybercriminals to trick potential victims into believing that they are calling a Technical or Customer Support number. Once potential victims call the fake Technical or Customer Support telephone number, the persons who answer will ask for personal information, financial information and online account credentials. They will also ask the callers to give them remote access to their computers or devices, which will allow the cybercriminals to steal their information and use their computers to commit other cyber-crimes, which will be traced back to them. Most callers are tricked into following the cybercriminalsu2019 instructions because they will think that they are talking to a legitimate technical support representative. This is because u201c1844-230-0999u201d is being disguised by cybercriminals as an NETFLIX ,Adobe Customer Care Support,Amazon Kindle Customer Support, Hotmail Customer Care Support etc. Fake technical support number “1844-230-0999,” is just one of the many Technical Support or Customer Support scams being used by cybercriminals to steal their potential victims’ information, money, or to gain remote access their computers. SO PLEASE DONT CALL ON THAT NUMBER

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