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My dog nearly died because of these crooks

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14 September 2019

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My dog was showing signs of sickness and had to be rushed immediately to the hospital. I was in such a panic because it was a very critical situation and landed at Tender Touch Animal Hospital which was very unfortunate. The ambulance came after an hour and I had to wait for a long time to get my dog to the hospital. They have an extremely slow service which is a very dangerous thing because an animal can die because of the long delay. Even when we reached there no one came to attend us and they were short on staff. My dog went to the examination room 30 minutes after our arrival. When I landed at Tender Touch I disclosed to the professional that my dog has liver issues, she even recorded it and is on exceptional sustenance and drug for it. Even though knowing about this issue Tender Touch specialist gave my dog Rimadyl for pain relief. My dog should not be on Rimadyl since Rimadyl affects the liver. Since dogs who have liver issues ought NOT to be on it, I was amazed that she has given Rimadyl for pain relief when there are numerous different prescriptions to minimize the pain. When I contacted Tender Touch, the vet who recommended the drug said it was a slip-up and the expert did not pass on this data that my dog has liver issues however she evaluated it in the notes after I messaged them inquiring as to why she was on Rimadyl. The specialist even expressed that she wouldn’t have put my dog on Rimadyl if she knew he had liver issues. It was a major slip-up that ought to have not occurred in any case. This was certifiably not a straightforward misstep however a slip-up that had to do with my dog’s health. I believed in them to deal with my dog’s sickness yet they did a horrible job. Tender Touch should instruct their vets and professionals to communicate well with each other because, by the day’s end, clients are putting their dog’s life in their grasp. A couple of days after that they told me to take him someplace else as they couldn’t comprehend the issue with my dog. I was so shocked to hear this. I’m grateful to God and the doctors at the other hospital I went to. I’m happy that my dog is safe but he could’ve died because of these crooks.
I would not recommend this spot for anybody to take their dog and there are numerous other great vets adjacent to this hospital. They don’t care about the ailing pets and are a bunch of merciless people. The cost of the treatment was so expensive yet they gave my dog the wrong drug and he could’ve ended up in a grave.
This episode makes me not have any desire to confide in any other vets also because I am deeply hurt and horrified by the incident that occurred at Tender Touch Animal Hospital.

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