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Tempoe Loan Hero NOT A LOAN! Manchester New Hampshire!!. I had my transmission repaired and was suprised by a bill for work that wasn’t covered by my warranty. I tried to get payment options, but failed the company credit check. I offered to pay with my fiance’s credit card, but the manager said” let me try something else.” He went to a website called Loan Hero and entered my information. The site had multiple inconsistancies and I told the manager multiple times that it was much easier to pay with a credit card. He says, ” we’re almost done, just a couple more minutes “. We eventually got to screen that looked plain and simple. 8 payments and done. I signed the work and brought my jeep home. I recieved an email that my agreement was handled at Tempoe.com. I paid my 8 payments and thought myself done with it. I recently discoverd that Tempoe was still processing payments out of my account. When I contacted them, they said I hadn’t taken a loan. I had a lease agreement. Huh? How do you lease mechanical services? I was told that I could terminate the lease for just over $200 or return the property that was leased. How do you return mechanical servies? Is there someone at Tempoe that needs a flywheel and linkage cable replaced? I really feel bamboozled here. What is the end game here? Am I going to be leasing my own transmission until I die? I really hope someone can help me here. I’ve filed complaints with Tempoe, The transmission company ( a national chain ), the local media, and now here.

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