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Telus Mobility | Asking for a Refund for fees charged on my cell phone - textchallengetriviagamesservices of over $17

Recently i have been charged over $17 from text messages received from Textchallengetriviagameservices and I am asking you to stop sending and charging me $2 per message immediately… Also i am asking you to for a refund for all the $2 fees charged on my phone since the beginning of June 2011… I have already called Telus Mobility and I have been advised to write to you immediately giving a code # 84040 and if i do not get a refund back or do get additional charged messages on my phone in the future… I am planning to take legal action against that Textchallengetriviagameservices website … So i am asking for a full refund of all the fees charged on my phone immediately totalling over $17.00 and want you to STOP charging me for those messages… I have never authorized you to do that so please do stop.Sincerely, Rosia Doucette

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