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Telus Mobility | Telus Bill

I recently switched from Rogers to Telus in January 2012.Since then I have had numerous problems with my bill.Upon activating my phone, the guys at BestBuy needed to activate two numbers as the server froze the first time. They did not fix this over at Telus HQ, so i got billed not one, but TWO Activation fees and service charges.They took it off my bill for THAT MONTH, however now it remains on my bill constantly.They keep saying they will change it and never do.Now, this month they are charging me for data I didn’t use (but moreso transferred the data charges from my last bill onto this one, which I already paid for). I can prove this, because I turned OFF my mobile packet data several days ago, when it was still 35 mb off my limit.I’m not sure how to get Telus to finally do their job and serve me, a PAYING CLIENT properly.I need help! I cannot afford messups as a student!

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