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TELETECH HOLDINGS INC TELETECH/ Horrible Management/ Not Ethical melbourne Florida!!. I was hired for Intuit project where Ana Bennett was my manager. I was Customer Service Rep and on many ocassions Ana pulled me over from my phone and send me to answer questions on the floor, because she had no clue about the project and she will not help in any circumstances . After third week of the project she gave me a list of target agents,she wanted to get rid off , most of them were hispanics and blacks. I was asked to walk behind them and chase them during brakes, as well I was asked to disconnect their computer stations while they were on breaks. She make several comments how fun she will have to fire people. I start feeling uncomfortable and told her I prefer to take calls instead walking and fulfilling her orders. Before project ended she literary fired over half a floor for no reason. One Friday she called me to her office and told me my stats are low and i need to pack my staff and leave the company immediately . I was in disbelif, after floor walking ofcurse my stats were low. I got in to discussion with her how she could do that? She just asked me if I needed security escort. On top of that my check was short over 12 hrs and until nowTELETECH did not pay me, and i called to the main office and nothing. So yes beware of this place is not worthy this company needs to change all Managers , hired enthusiastic, smart people , not dump street power freaks.

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