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telerainmd tellermd refuse to refund annual premium, harassment, targeting older people and pressure them to get their services California!!. TelerainMD or TellerMD is a scam company which scam older people and pressure them to purchase annual medical services over the phone. They call my father who is a 63 years old limited english speaker and ask him for his account number and promise to give him medical insurance for $349 annually. come to find out, this company is not even a medical insurance company. After 2 days when I find out, I called them to get a full refund, they wanted to cut a deal with me and give me half the money. I told them my father did not use their services and its been not more than 2 days since you guys took the money from his account, he needs his money back. After calling them several times during the week of november 20-24, 2017, they finally decide to refund the money within 15 days. when i called them back yesterday december 7th 2017, they completely denied they were going to refund the money and specifically stated its company policy not to refund the money. companies like Telerainmd need to be stopped because they are calling and harassing older people to take medical services they dont even need just to rip them off. And yes, the people i spoke to, whether it’s Ronald, Harry, Radiq, all seems to be the same person with an indian accent, while the company is based in California. They have block my father phone numbers from calling them. they are scammers and they need to be stopped. They need to reimburse the full $349 they charge my father.

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