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techies 24-7 failure to fix my computer Internet!!. Hello everyone i write this report to inform people to understand the horor that i have exprience with the organization texchies 247 that claim to provide outstanding support and fix all computer problems. In the beginning and i am now with then starting my third year but have reached to point that i need to inform others what bad experiences i have happen to me. Techies 247 are good when it comes to small problems, hooking up printers, or setting wi fi, however when it comes to major problems like a virus or a Hive password problem they have no idea what to do. A year ago got a virus and called for help. After hours and hours and days and days i was advised i had a bad hard drive and had to take it into a shop to get fixed. This was after 5-6 techiesd working on it, each one having me do the samethings over and over and making me go buy a usb stick, rent a laptop and buy a dvd. All this was wasted money because at the end Techies could not do a thing. They said i had a bad hard drive. I took it into a shop here cost me $150 to have my computer cleaned off and have windows 8.1 re installed. The company who fixed my computer said there was nothing wrong with my hard drive. After getting my computer back where i could log on techies was than able to reestablished all my programs and i was back up and running. I filed a compalint with the better business and techies response that they wouild give my calls in help to a higher level personnel and gave me 6 months free. Everything was fine would call from time to time to get the printer fixed or other small problems until last week. When i logged in my computer a box would come up asking for a pass word. No matter what i did nothing would allow me to open the computer. I called techies for herlp. I showed them the screen i was getting and than the horrible experience happen. There was over ten different techies who worked on the problem, over 20 hours of being tied to the computer with a techie having me do the same thing over and over and over. Just like last time, they had me go out and buy a usb stick, rent a lap top and buy a dvd. They had me down a program from the lap top that they sent me, first on a usb stick and than the samething on a dvd and than do the down load again and all this took hours. Than the try up load to my desk top, first using the usb and than the dvd. This process was done over and over as each new techie who took over the probllem. After hours and hours a techie came to the conclusion that i had a bad hard drive that would not allow the usb or dvd to be up loaded to my computer. This the samething they said a year ago to a similiar problem. I was adivsed to take it into the shop and get it fixed. I took it the shop, told them what happen and right off the bat they said my computer was hacked and someone had put a passwor on my computer. IT is called a Hive Password problem where someone goes into my computer, changes my password and they put in their password so they have control of computer and my information. I said i was told that i had a bad hard drive. The lady said they would check it out but did not believe the hard drive was bad. The company did the samething as before, down loaded my information photos and etc, than cleaned off everything on my computer, re installed my windows 8.1 and i was back and runnimng again. The cost was $150 dollars. The lady said we checked your hard drive and there was nothing wrong with it. We can see from these two sitiations that cost me $300 many hours, buying things that were not needed that techies have techicians that do not know how to fix complicated problems that one is paying for with their membership. I provide this report because i want others to know techies can not fix bad situations.

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