Teach to Travel Academy TEFL-PROGRAMS

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Teach to Travel Academy TEFL-PROGRAMS

Teach to Travel Academy (TEFL-PROGRAMS) Teach to Travel Academy tefl-programs www.tefl-programs.com. Complete Fraud TEFL-Programs (tefl-programs.com)!! Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico!!. is a complete fraud Teach to Travelacademy (Tefl-Programs) is a scam. This people got in touch with me and offered a great deal for mme to take a course in Mexico and after finalizing my course I would get a diploma and I would have a job as well. None of this came true. I paid through paypal and it took forever for them to respond. Once they did respond they were very unptofesional and it seemed that they had no idea what they were doing. After a couple of days of comunication they said that my spainish course will be at Guadalajara , Jalisco. they gave me an adress and told me to go there at 5pm. I thought Teach to Travel Academy (TEFL-Programs) was a prestige company little did I know. Once I got to the Adress it was an abandonded building and they were not awnsering my calls or emails anymore. I stayed in Guadalajara hoping that they would repky and tell me what was going on since I had already taken the flight and was there akready. they never called me back, they made me fly from California to Guadalajara. I wasted money on the flight, I payed them and I spent money in Guadalajara, Hotel, food etc. Instead of getting a job I wasted about 3,500.00 usd. TEFL Programs is a complete Fraud!!

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