Taylor Rossi-Oman

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Taylor Rossi-Oman

Taylor Rossi-Oman Taylor Rossi Jodelle Rossi Jodelle Steele Tennant will Cost you More Money in unpaid Rent and Will Damage Your Property Makes False claims of harassment when its time to collect rent from the freeloader. Stillwater Mn!!. A perfact example of a Tennant from HELL Taylor Rossi-Oman and her live in Boy friend Mark Lysne warning warning this girl and her boyfriend are bad news they will move in not pay the rent and cause several thousand of dollars in damage your place . They have cost me thousands of dollars you will regret it! They both have several past evictions on their record for this. If you value your place you will think twice! They also will have people moving in with them after the get moved in that are drug addicts liars and thieves.These people will damage your apartment and refuse to leave. Taylor Rossi-Oman knows the evictions process from back to back evictions of the last 10 years.

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